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Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness - Diet & Exercise

Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise. Fitness, If you would like to remain healthy then adopt these funds of fitness.

Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise, we want to know all the fitness tips and health tips about health. The secret of good health depends on a healthy diet and exercise. The question of what to do for good health is hidden in daily health tips. 

Important fitness mantras like how to build health, weight loss, and which diet plan should be adopted to lose weight are also given. Along with the woman or woman, you also get the fitness and health tips required for girls here. 

Health and fitness mantras should be such that the person can tell in simple terms how to stay fit. Whether it is physical fitness tips or fitness tips for weight loss, everyone aims for good health. 

Information about diet plan and work out a plan for good health is available here in simple words. The methods of staying fit are the right information about a balanced diet ie healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Fitness health tips for women are different than men. Information about essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins along with other nutrients like calcium, omega 3 fatty acids is also available here for men. 

Healthy fitness tips necessary for good body health, you will find here in simple words.

A healthy mind resides only during a healthy body. the old saying is old but is totally true. By the way, if we include some things in our routine and follow some rules, then we will keep ourselves fit more easily. Know a couple of important things for this:

Workout:- Within the walk, we usually walk 40-50 steps in 1 minute, about 80 steps within the brisk walk, and about 160 steps in jogging. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days every week (brisk walk, aerobics, swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.). Do 5 minutes of warm-up before starting the exercise and 5 minutes of calm down after finishing.

    Learn to breathe

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise
    • Do yoga for half an hour daily. Include asana, meditation, deep breathing, and anulom-antonyms. Taking 10-15 minutes of deep breaths within the morning increases the capacity of the langs by 70%.
    • Meditate for 10-10 minutes within the morning and evening. This increases the quantity of oxygen within the body and also controls BP.

    The formula of 80 will keep fit

    • Keep abdominal width, heartbeat, bad cholesterol, empty stomach sugar, lower BP below 80. Play 80 applause daily and tease at least 80 times.
    • Do not drink quite 80 mL of sentimental drinks each day. Also, add soda to the present 80 mL and dilute it and make 200 ml.
    • Do not eat quite 80 grams of salt in a fortnight. It can increase the vital signs. BP patients should eat less salt.
    • Do 80 minutes brisk walk, 80 minutes aerobics and 80 minutes stretching exercises every weekit's better to mix all three.
    • Surely complete heart disease up to 80 percent within the treadmill. If the heart doesn't beat loudly in exercise, there's no use for the heart.

    Lose weight, strength in life

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    • Do not aim to lose more than 2 kg of weight throughout the month. If you lose weight very fast, then there will be more chances of gaining weight because more diet reduces metabolism.
    • Keep a target of consuming 500 calories daily, but do not do so by eating less. For this, subtract 250 calories from the food and reduce it by exercising 250 calories.
    • Keep a combo of 60% cardio and 40% strengthening exercises while losing weight. Do brisk walk for cardio, aerobics, swimming, cycling, etc. and do dumbbells, pushups, sit-ups, sun salutations, etc. for strengthening.

    Keep BP in control

    • Keep your lower blood pressure below 80 mmHg. If your lower blood pressure is more than 80 mmHg, go to the doctor every year for a checkup.

    Health is Wealth: Healthy food, a treasure of health

    • Eat a little 5-6 times a day. To keep the heart and liver fit, eat such things which are rich in fiber, such as wheat, jowar, millet, oats, etc. Cholesterol is reduced by the fiber of oatmeal, sprouts, oats, and pulses.
    • Eat green vegetables, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc. These contain folic acid, which helps maintain cholesterol levels.
    • Flaxseed, almonds, beans, fish, and mustard oil have a lot of omega-three, which is good for the heart.
    • Eat 1-2 walnuts and 8-10 almonds daily.

    Flour and sugar are dangerous

    • Trans-fats are very harmful to health. Trans fats are produced by heating the oil frequently or heating the oil too fast. These plants are found more in ghee.
    • Although there is no direct connection to a heart disease with saturated fats (ghee, butter, cheese, red meat, etc.), it should be eaten only in the fat limit.
    • Refined carbohydrates (white sugar, white rice, and white flour) are far more harmful than fat. Try to remove them from your food.
    • Use jaggery instead of sugar, brown rice instead of white rice.
    • Even if healthy, do not take more than 3-4 spoons of fat daily. This includes desi ghee, butter, and refined oil.

    If you are suffering from waist, leg, or back pain, then follow the formula of RICE, ie rest, ice, compression elevation.

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise
    • Rest: Relax. Do not turn around too much, nor stand for long.
    • Ice: Place ice in a cloth or bag and apply it for 10-10 minutes 4-5 times a day at the place of pain.
    • Compression: Apply crepe bandage, knee cap or knee brace at the knee or waist.
    • Elevation: While lying down, place a pillow under the leg so that the knee is slightly elevated. During this time, stop exercising and yoga and relax. Volini, Moves, Voveran Gel, DFO Gel, etc. can be massaged with a painkiller balm or gel one to two minutes with a light hand.
    Avoid and save this way in heart attack: Do not take the pain arising in the chest lightly. It can also be associated with heart disease.

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    • Acidity and heart pain is similar. Nevertheless, there can be a difference between the two.
    • If there is a sharp pain in a large area in the middle of the chest, the pain is moving towards the left arm, the pressure like a stone on the chest - Feel, quite nervous, restless, sweating, instead of decreasing the pain, the possibility of a heart attack The pain of acidity is felt as stinging at a particular point.
    • If there is a possibility of a heart attack, give the patient to chew 300mg of Asprin immediately or drink it after dissolving in water.
    • Chances of survival of the patient increase by 30 percent.
    • Heart patients can also take Sorbitrate instead of aspirin.
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    Tata to the tension of TB

    • TB virus grows rapidly in low light and dirty places. In such a situation, it is better than the patient to stay in a well ventilated and well-lit room. Open the windows by running a fan so that bacteria can come out. The patient should avoid using crowded places and public transport.
    • TB patient should wear a mask. If there is no mask, then every time you cough or sneeze, cover the mouth with a napkin. Insert this napkin into the covered dustbin. Instead of spitting here and there, the patient should spit in a plastic bag and put phenyl in it and close it well and put it in the dustbin.

    Stay alert in fever

    • The safest drug in any fever is Paracetamol. It is found in brand names like Crocin, Calpol, etc. It is considered safe in any fever. Do not take aspirin at all in dengue. Taking it in dengue is a risk of bleeding.
    • It is better to take a rectal temperature to measure fever, especially in children. If you take the temperature by mouth, add 1-degree centigrade to it and assume the correct temperature. 98.3 d Till is the normal temperature. Fever up to 100 degrees usually do not require any medication. If you have a fever up to 102 degrees and there are no dangerous symptoms, then you can take care of the patient at home.

    Allergy: Rescue Necessary

    • Prevention is the cure for allergies. Allergy victims should put a napkin on the nose before exiting the house. The sheets, pillow covers, and curtains should also be changed from time to time. Do not use carpet or keep it dry for at least 6 months.
    • Do not keep pets at home. Do not keep flowering plants indoors during the rainy season. If possible, get air purifiers installed at home. By the way, to strengthen the children's immune system, let them play in dust, mud, sun, and rain. They help children fight diseases.

    Keep in mind if you are in a desk job

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    • Desk job workers should be sitting in the office doing exercises and stretching of neck and knees. Keep your knees running continuously. In 15-20 minutes of sitting, keep moving the legs round and round and straight. Likewise, do neck exercises.
    • Exercise the eyes every 30 minutes. Remove the eyes from the screen and stay away. Then look closer.
    • Cover the eyes well with the palms and open after 30 seconds.
    • Working at the computer, sitting in such a way that the waist is straight. Hands get the support of chair handles.
    • The greater part of Thai should be on the seat of the chair, but the knees should not be adjacent to its edge. For this, you will have to sit behind your waist. Knees are slightly raised.
    • The upper part of the computer screen on the desk should be at eye level. Neck pain may be caused by being up or down.

    Increase fitness in a week with these easy measures

    1. Tremendous fitness

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    You do not need to sweat for hours in the gym to achieve health and tremendous fitness. You can get better fitness by adopting some easy remedies in your routine. Let us know some such measures which will always keep you fit.

    2. Breakfast will be full of energy

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    A healthy breakfast is very important in the morning. If you do not have breakfast properly, you face many problems like fatigue and weight gain.

    3. Eat two bananas in the morning

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    From today you must include two bananas in your breakfast. Eating only two bananas for breakfast every day will keep you energetic throughout the day. You will also be protected from heart diseases.

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    4. See amazing 10 minutes exercise

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Take 10 minutes for yourself in the morning. In these 10 minutes, go to the park and do light running, yoga, bodyweight excise, etc. whatever you like.

    5. How to burn calories

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Do not use the lift in the office, but use the stairs. With this, you will be able to burn the extra calories present in the body.

    6. Keep this in mind during dinner

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    You should always try to make dinner by eight in the night. Eat as little as possible at dinner. Apart from this, you should not consume sweets at night.

    7. Once a week fast food

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    If you feel like eating a lot of food, then you should set one day of the week, and enjoy fast food on this day. Eating more fast food makes you obese.

    8. See amazing massage

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Massage the hair and whole body once a week. Mustard, olive, and coconut oil can be used for massage. Massage is beneficial in many ways besides strengthening your muscles.

    9. Take time out

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Do not become a machine to earn money, but go out for some days with your whole family for a few days in two to three months. During this time, enjoy a full picnic away from the tension of office work.

    10. Amazing five-minute meditation

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Always meditate for five minutes at any time of the day. During this, just pay attention to your breath. This will reduce your stress and improve your work.

    11. Eat plenty of salad

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Eat plenty of raw things in food. Consume more and more salad with food. Include sprouts and pulses in the meal.

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    12. Get up early in the morning

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Make a habit of getting up early in the morning and sleeping early at night. Just by doing this, more than half of your health-related problems will go away.

    13. Seasonal fruit intake

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    By taking more and more seasonal fruits, you stay away from diseases. Include these fruits in your breakfast and lunch. You can also use their juice.

    14. Add dry fruits to snacks

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Include dry fruits in the morning and evening snacks. During this time, taking a fixed amount of dry fruits is good for your health.

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    15. Drink plenty of water

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Be it at least three to four liters of water during summer or winter. By drinking less water, we can fall prey to many diseases.

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    16. Do not drink water after eating

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Quit the habit of drinking water immediately after eating food. This does not digest your food properly. There should be a difference of at least 30 to 50 minutes between eating and drinking water.

    17. Avoid fridge cold water

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Never drink cold water from the fridge at all times due to heat, it weakens your body. Always drink fresh water mixed with fridge water.

    Weight loss is easy in the summer season, include these fruits in food

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    The quantity of food in the summer season is reduced compared to other seasons. During this, the liquid diet looks like taking more. In such a situation, you can lose weight quickly in the summer season.

    Most of the fruits that come during the summer season are full of water, which helps you to hydrate and lose weight. If you really want to lose weight, then you should use such fruits which will also reduce your weight, as well as the number of nutrients in the body. So let's tell you which are those fruits.

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    1. Apple 

    In summer, apple comes first in the weight loss of fruits. Apples are rich in fiber which helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and reduces weight.

    Mango ... Mango is not only delicious to eat, but it is also used to lose weight. Fiber, magnesium, antioxidants, and iron are found in common, which is used to control hunger.

    2. Watermelon

    Watermelon where the amount of water in your body does not reduce in summer. At the same time, it is also used to burn the antioxidant lycopene extra fat. You can also use watermelon as a salad in your diet chart. This will reduce your weight.

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    3. Coconut water 

    Coconut is a fruit that is mostly used in summer. Drinking its water increases metabolism and reduces fat quickly.

    4. Papaya

    Papaya keeps our digestive system clean. It contains fiber and many ingredients that help reduce fat by increasing metabolism. Eating a plate of papaya salad early in the morning keeps the stomach cool and light throughout the day.

    5. Melon 

    Melon is also a special fruit found in summer, which is very beneficial. Melons contain vitamins A, B, C, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. It also contains folic acid. Eating it reduces weight and fatigue and relieves insomnia problem.

    Fitness during Lockdown

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    In lockdown, you are not able to walk in the park, in such a situation you will not be able to meet your target of 10,000 steps. No need to be upset. You can also complete your 10,000 steps at home (how to get 10,000 steps at home). Want to know how then read here ...

    CoronaVirus Lockdown: Today the whole world is fighting a war against Coronavirus. The only way to avoid this is to stay at home and maintain social distancing. In such a situation, people have stopped leaving the house. Most people are doing work from home. 

    However, since the lockdown has occurred, the movement of people has also reduced considerably. Walking is very important to stay healthy. If you wish, you can complete 10 thousand steps every day even while staying at home (Ways to get 10,000 Steps A Day). 

    Keep in mind that these days, going to the gym to do a workout, a walk in the park, jogging, everything has stopped. In such a situation, you should try to complete your 10,000 steps (how to get 10,000 steps at home) by staying in your house.

    Benefits of 10,000 steps 

    Research conducted at Sweden's University of Kalmar states that walking is very important for people of all ages. It has been said in research that when you walk 10 thousand steps every day, it helps in weight control. 

    When weight remains under control, you are protected from many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. By walking 10 thousand steps, you remain physically and mentally fit and healthy.

    Mood boost

    When you walk a brisk half an hour every day, there may be about 150 calories burned. This will help you control your weight to a great extent. If you are at home, then by walking for 40-50 minutes at home, your 10,000 steps will be completed. Remember, there is no better lockdown exercise than a walk. This will also boost your mood.

    Keep taking a break

    If you are doing office work from home, then take breaks every one hour. If you sit continuously, there may be a pain in your back. If you want, then set the alarm so that you do not forget to take your steps. Take two trips to your home, walk to the balcony and garden. Stairs can also be climbed. It is also one of the best types of workouts.

    Troubled with increasing waist fat? Do these 4 Yogasanas daily

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Due to the changing lifestyle, many types of changes start in the body, which directly affects our health. Due to the change in lifestyle, many people gain weight quite rapidly, along with this, problems like back pain also begin. Therefore, take a little time out of your lifestyle and give it to your body, it will relieve many problems. Today we are going to tell you about some yoga, which can get rid of Waist Fat.

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    Chakrasana Fitness

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Doing chakrasana is considered to be a very effective yoga to Reduce Waist Fat. To do this Yogasana, first of all, lie down on your back. Bend the knees and keep the feet at a distance of 10 -12 inches while touching the ankles with the buttocks. 

    Then raise the arms and bend the elbows. Place the palms on the ground near the head above the shoulders. Take a breath and slowly raise the torso and bend the back. Gently leave the head hanging and stretch the arms and legs as much as possible. Breathe slowly and exhale slowly. Maintain this pose as long as possible.

    After this, return to the initial state by lowering the body in such a way that the head remains on the ground. Bring down the rest of the body and relax. It was a cycle. By doing this asana, many problems can be overcome. According to yoga experts, performing chakrasana relieves infertility. 

    Stop in this posture. While exhaling, bring the lower part of the body first and then the upper part down.
    Do the practice of bichacricasana daily, to do this asana, raise both your legs in 90 degrees. After this take deep long breaths and exhale. Doing this for about 20 to 30 times, rotate both legs round. After this, slowly lower your feet comfortably. Then raise the legs while breathing again and do the opposite exercise while exhaling.

    Product easy Fitness

    Uttan means uplifted and foot means foot. First, sit and spread the legs forward. Stretch the soles forward. Then, take a deep breath four to five times and lie down on your back while applying postures. Exhale, raise the neck upward. Finally, support the upper part of the head on the ground with the help of hands. In this position, lift the waist upwards from the ground as much as possible. The palms remain parallel to the feet. While exhaling, slowly straighten the neck and come to breathe. By practicing this asana daily, the back fat will end in a few days.

    Shalabhasan Fitness

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Shalabhasan is considered good enough for Waist Fat. To do this asana, lie flat on the ground. Keep both of your legs straight. Keep the hands upright near the waist. Let the palm be upwards. Take a deep breath. During this, raise your straight leg up towards the wall. Remember, do not bend the hips and knees. Keep breathing.

    Now keep the leg straight down. Repeat this process with your inverted feet. During this process, keep the hands steady. While breathing, raise both your legs upwards. During this, keep the hips upright. Do not bend your knees. Now raise the head upwards. Bring the feet down and get into a state of rest. Practice this asana for 2 to 4 minutes.

    10-minute ab Workout

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Ten Minute Workout Plan, workouts, and exercises done in just ten minutes to stay fit. If you want to keep yourself fit with just ten minutes of exercise every day, then we have brought a ten-minute workout plan for you to stay fit. Actually, keeping yourself fit in today's run-of-the-mill life and irregular lifestyle is nothing short of a challenge. 

    In this case, the workouts done in just this minute can be very beneficial for you. Many times due to lack of time, gym away, fast music, and going to the crowded gym, exercising is not possible for everyone, so if someone tells you that you can stay fit at home by just ten minutes of exercise. How will it be?

    If you too are unable to make time for workouts, then today we have brought you a ten-minute workout plan in which you can keep yourself fit in just 10 minutes of exercise. So let's know about the ten-minute workout plan-

    Ten-minute exercises

    In 10 Minute Workout Plan, we are going to tell about 10 different exercises in which you will do different muscle exercises. So let's know about the workout plan to be done in 10 minutes-

    Jumping rope in a ten-minute workout plan -

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Rope jumping has always been the easiest and best exercise to stay fit. There are many advantages to jumping rope, jumping rope can exercise the entire body in just minutes. If you want to get fit with just ten minutes of exercise every day, then there is no better exercise than jumping rope. 

    Rope jumping brings energy to the body, along with it is considered to be the best exercise to make the body shapely and slim. If we talk about the benefits of jumping rope, it keeps our heart healthy, in addition, by jumping rope every day, skin can be improved and body fat can be reduced.

    Exercise stretching in a 10-minute workout plan

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Stretching exercises are done for warm-up. Stretching exercises are the first exercises performed at the beginning of a workout. By doing this exercise, the body becomes flexible. There is not much tension or stretch in the muscles to perform stretching exercises. To do stretching exercises, you first have to stand upright and do both hands upward and breathe out and pull the body upward. Now we have to bring the hands down and try to touch the claws. Stretching exercises are to be done 4-5 times.

    How to do morning exercise tips push-ups

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    The best exercise to strengthen the body is to do push-ups. If you want to get fit with just ten minutes of exercise every day, then there can be no better exercise than push-ups exercise. To do push-ups exercises, placemats on the ground and lie flat on your stomach. Now keep both the palms on the ground parallel to the shoulders, now lift the body with the palms and toes and then come down. In this way, you can do 15 - 20 push-ups. Performing push-ups exercises your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chests.

    Do squats exercises to stay fit

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    The best exercise for leg exercise is squats. To do squats, stand up straight and place a slight gap between the legs. Now raise both hands and bring them in front of your shoulders. Now try to sit with a lightweight on your knees as you sit on the chair. Now keep the waist straight and stand up straight. Do 20 to 30 squats at a time. People who have knee pain problems should not do squats.

    Hand Stand in 10 Minute Workout Plan

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    A handstand is considered the best exercise to increase blood circulation in the body. However, the handstand is only for those who exercise daily. To do a handstand, you have to go near the wall and keep both hands on the ground, now you have to stand upside down with the support of the wall while placing the weight on both hands. Now the feet and ankles have to be attached to the wall and remain in this state for 30 to 60 seconds. Now come down slowly. You can do this exercise 3 to 5 times.

    Do high knee exercises in 10 minutes workout

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    The high knee is one of the best exercises, which maintains your fitness daily. Today we are going to tell you how to exercise high knee? To exercise high knee, you have to stand upright in one place and move in such a way that the knees can touch your chest. This exercise has to be done for 30 to 60 seconds. The digestive system can be strengthened by reducing belly fat with high knee exercise.

    Do triceps dips exercises in 10 minutes exercise plan

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    If you want strong triceps, then this exercise can be very useful for you. Triceps dips are considered the best exercise to strengthen the triceps. Let us know how to exercise triceps dips? To perform triceps dips exercise, you have to sit on the edge of the chair by keeping both hands on the backside of the body and keeping the feet a short distance in front of the chair. Now, keeping the legs straight, rotate the chair so that the entire weight of the body can be controlled by the arms. Now, bring the elbow slowly at an angle of 90 degrees. This exercise can be done in three sets of 10 - 10.

    Do wall sit exercises to stay fit

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Wall Sits Exercise is considered to be the best for Thai and Knee strengthening. Let us know how to exercise wall seats. To perform wall seats, you have to place your back on the wall and slowly sit your knees in a 90-degree angle adjacent to the wall. While sitting here, you have to imagine that you are sitting on a chair. While doing this exercise, you have to stay in this position for 30 - 50 seconds, then come back to normal. Wall seat exercise can be done 10 to 15 times.

    Do wall push-ups exercises in 10 minutes of exercise

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Let us know how to do wall push-ups exercises? To do this exercise, you have to stand facing the wall. Now you have to put your hands on the wall. Now try to bring the chest close to the wall by turning the elbows. Then come to the first stage and repeat this process 12 - 16 times. Advantages of wall push-ups exercise, doing wall push-ups exercises makes the chest, shoulders, and arms strong.

    Perform Abdominal Crunch Exercise in just 10 minutes

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    An abdominal crunch exercise is done to reduce abs fat. To perform abdominal crunch exercise, lie on your back and place your hands behind your head. Now raise the shoulders slowly. This will make you feel stretched in the abdomen. Now, lift the shoulders upwards and leave them out and breathe in while going down. When raising the shoulders, only support is given to the head with hands. Benefits of Abdominal Crunch Exercise, this exercise makes the muscles of abdominals stronger.

    A ten-minute exercise plan will make exercise fit

    Planks are exercised to reduce abdominal fat and make abs. The benefits of doing Planck exercises are many but it is important to do Planck exercises correctly. Let's know how to do Planck exercises, to do Planck exercises, lift your weight with elbows and toes and keep the weight up for thirty seconds, gradually increase the time and do this exercise for one to two minutes. Planck exercise is the best exercise for the stomach and waist.

    Fitness tips for Men

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Definitions of fitness do not vary for men and women. Rather physical fitness helps in keeping both body and brain health. Regular exercise not only brings strength in the muscles but also develops immunity of the body, slows down aging and protects against many other diseases. So men should keep these things in mind to stay fit

    Don't be relaxed

    Due to the modern and relaxed lifestyle, men start to suffer from the dangers of a heart attack only after 20 years. Those who live a restful life, steal from exercising, and live on junk and canned foods have always high levels of poor cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein in the blood. HDL levels can be raised by doing regular exercises to reduce the level of LDL in your body.

    Keep blood pressure normal

    High blood pressure disease has become a common phenomenon in men due to the frustration and stress arising due to stiff competition in life. Regular exercise helps keep blood pressure levels normal and thus reduces the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases.

    Increase blood circulation

    When you exercise, the blood circulation of the body becomes faster and the blood supply in the body also starts increasing. The blood artery spreads and shrinks in the body as per the need of blood. But when the adult begins to live a life of rest, no labor or exercise is done, then cholesterol accumulates in his blood artery, and the blood artery shrinks, which eventually causes cardiac arrest.

    Reduce the risk of diseases

    Currently, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, stomach problems are increasing due to unhealthy lifestyles and irregularities in the diet. Try to prevent these diseases. Exercise daily for this and get regular checkups.

    Lose weight

    Weight gain causes many diseases, so keep your weight under control. Losing weight does not cause heart diseases. Therefore, to overcome this, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet.

    Men can not only stay fit by keeping these common things in mind but can also avoid diseases.

    Fitness tips for Women's

    Health is Wealth | Fitness Tips and Wellness -  Diet & Exercise

    Working women should make a diet chart of their own to stay fit. At the same time, they should also do some exercise sitting in the office chair so that their body does not fall prey to any disease.

    Currently, the working woman ignores her own health while maintaining both the home and office. Due to lack of time, she does all the work she needs but she does not have time for her own fitness. This is the reason why all the working women sit and sit on many diseases.

    But there are some measures that can be done for your fitness in a short time. For this, some plans have to be prepared by themselves. By adding some changes and some things to your daily life, you can do half the work for your fitness. Some food changes and easy short-term exercise will improve your fitness routine. So let us know what the basic mantra of fitness of working woman is.

    Make yourself ace all day active

    Speak the lift boy-by-boy and catch Steyr's way. Start moving as much as possible. If you are in the office, you can stretch your hands by sitting up and sitting. If you do more work on the computer, then stand in the middle and stretch the whole body. Take a short walk in the lunch break, take a short break while working.

    Store healthy food in your home

    Place roasted gram, peanuts, corn in the house. Keep them in your office rack. Always keep multi-grain biscuits, energy bars, and some fruit salad with you. Be it your home or office.

    Customize Your Own Exercise

    You can design your exercise pattern as per your convenience. Do any kind of strength training twice a week for 20 minutes. Allow walking or cycling to be done on the weekend. If you want in the evening, do Pranayam after four hours of eating.

    Eat oats and muesli

    Do have breakfast. Place oats and muesli for breakfast. This will be a complete food for your breakfast. Eat them with yogurt, milk or fruit juice. They are best for both taste and health.

    Include Crunchies

    Nothing better than crunchies to reduce abs or belly fat. Crush your feet in your bed or sofa two to three times ten times a week.

    Refined carbohydrates

    Learn not to make cookies, chocolates, burgers, bathrooms, rice, or snacks made of fine flour. They are enemies of your health. Try baked products instead of fried. Use fresh things instead of frozen.

    Make yourself flexible

    To make yourself flexible, you make a habit of getting up on the ground more and sitting, bending, or working. This flexibility will bring into your body. Go to the gym whenever you want. Do a workout in the right gym for half an hour.

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